General Order Supplies

1.LED lights (domestic and commercial use)
2.Solar Panels (Mono, Poly, Thin)
3.Generators along with rental option (kW to MW)
4.Synchronization Modules
5.Batteries (Wet and dry)
6.UPS (offline, line-interactive, and online)
7.Switchgear (MCB, MCCB, Relays, Magnetic Contactors, control devices)
8.Electrical and Mechanical 9.Testing Equipment
10.Laptops, PC desktop computers
11.Air conditioners
12.Safety Equipment
13. Electrical Fittings for Electrifications
14.Portable Conductivity/PH/DO/TDS Meter 15.Online PH Meter/Module. 16.High-Temperature
17.Online Dissolved Oxygen 18.Meter Online Conductivity Meter/Sensor
19.Online Turbidity Meter/Sensor 20.Per Acetic Acid online Controllers
21. Chemical Dosing Pumps
22.Sensors Flow Meters

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