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Socket Weld Flange

Socket Weld flange ManufacturersThis flange is similar to slip-on flange, except they a bore and a counter bore. The counter boreis sightly larger than the Outer Diameter of the matching pipe, allowing the pipe to beinserted. A restriction is built into the bottom of the bore, which acts as a shoulder for the pipe to rest on, and has the same ID of matching pipe. The flow is not restricted in any direction.


. . .
  Flange dimensions to ANSI B16.5.
  Dimensions "B" & "D" includes raised face thickness.
  Bore (SCH) "C" purchasess to Specity.
  Larger outlet sizes are avilable on applications.
  ANSI 150# / 300# 2mm Raised Face.
  ANSI 600# / 2500# 7mm Raised Face.

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